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I hate the way my boss says “miyyin” instead of “million”

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wow chanel no. 5’s new commercial has to be one of the worst things i’ve seen outside of political campaigning… like, a slow jam version of You’re The One That I Want from Grease sounds like a sloppy abortion, not a perfume ad

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"I’ll leave you with this tidbit. 73% of all female characters in the 100 highest grossing films of 2013 were Caucasian, 14% were African American, 5% were Latina, 3% were Asian, and another 3% were aliens or fantasy races. Yes. In 2013, American theater audiences were about as likely to see a woman of an animal species or completely made up race as they were to see an Asian woman."
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on the one hand, i miss him a lot.

on the other hand, i never have to see his best friend again. or overhear another obnoxious episode of family guy.

so we’ll call it a draw.

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Toothpaste For Dinner comic: paranormal hunters

Toothpaste For Dinner comic: paranormal hunters

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I might be moving to montreal

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Robyn! Let’s do this! Let’s be slugs for hallowe’en.

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